How to Post a Recipe

  1. Enter a title for your blog post.
    Post Title at top of page
  2. Be sure you are on the "Compose" tab, not the "HTML" tab.
    Select the "Compose" tab
  3. List the ingredients first and then the directions for putting it together. Be sure to include any alterations you make to the original recipe and make any comments that would be helpful for the rest of us to know.
  4. Click on the "Insert Image" icon to include a photo of the dish
    Insert Image icon
  5. Add labels to your recipe to make it easy to filter the posts on those types of dishes. For example, include the main ingredient(s) (like beef), the type of dish it is (main dish, side dish), how it is cooked (slow cooker, microwave, oven, stove top), and your first name. Separate the labels by commas. They do not need to be entered in alphabetic order--they will automatically sort alphabetically when the post is published. Re-use existing labels when possible to keep the number of labels to a manageable level.
    Add labels to the right of the post separated by commas.
  6. Preview the post (a new tab will be opened in your browser) and Publish if you are satisfied. 
    Preview and Publish icons
  7.  Don't worry. You can not change anyone else's posts but your own so you will not be able to mess something up that is already there. 
  8. Have fun!

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